Using Wire Glue

If youíre ever tried to place a surface mount part without specialized soldering and desoldering
equipment you know itís next to impossible. But Wire Glue will allow you to glue parts in easily
with its special conductive glue formulation.

1. To use this product you will need a couple of tools which include cutters, pliers, a couple of pins
or needles, a wooden stick, and optionally some desoldering braid and an soldering iron.

2. The first thing you need to do is thoroughly mix the Wire Glue. Pour off the liquid on the top of
the jar into a paper or plastic cup. Then mix the conductive glue on the bottom of the jar thoroughly
with a stick, then reintroduce the liquid you just poured off back in, until you have a thick, creamy
mixture. Your Surface Mount Component Fix is now ready for use.

3. Chop out the old part with your cutters.

4. Then clean up the pads where the replacement part is to be mounted. If you have a soldering
iron and desoldering braid, you can then use that to even up the solder, although that is not
absolutely essential. It also helps to have an alcohol wipe to remove the flux and debris from the

5. Coat these pads with a very small quantity of Wire Glue with the needle or the pin. Then allow this
to set up for 10 minutes.

6. Then take the new replacement part and coat each of its legs or connectors with a small amount of
Wire Glue with the pin or the needle.

7. Drop the new part in place on top of the pads and your repair is complete.

8. Before use, allow the adhesive to cure overnight or you can speed this up by placing the board in an
oven set to the Warm temperature, around 150 degrees F, or use a hair dryer.